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10 secrets about FOREVER MY GIRL and Heidi McLaughlin. Plus, an excerpt from book 2!

Author: Heidi McLaughlin
Author: Heidi McLaughlin

I have author Heidi McLaughlin on Novel Girl today, author of the USA Today and Amazon Kindle Top 100 bestseller, Forever My Girl.

This post is filled with so many cool exclusives! Keep reading for secrets (muahaha not anymore) that you probably didn't know about, and for an excerpt from The Beaumont Series #2.


Five truths about Heidi McLaughlin:

  1. Forever My Girl was written in 24 days;
  2. Heidi is actively trying to develop a diet that consists of cake, cookies, brownies, ice cream and pie;
  3. Heidi submitted her last story to agents and was rejected 42 times;
  4. Two years ago Heidi quit drinking caffeine; and
  5. Heidi have two personal Facebook pages and an author page.

Five truths about Forever My Girl:

  1. Forever My Girl started out with just Liam telling the story;
  2. Josie was originally married to Nick;
  3. Noah wasn’t originally Liam’s;
  4. Sam returns!; and
  5. The Beaumont Series does not take place in Texas.


Forever My Girl (Book #1)
Forever My Girl (Book #1)
Unedited & subject to change: The Beaumont Series #2

I look up quickly, expecting him to smile or change his expression, but he doesn’t. I remind myself that this is my job and he has the answers I need to get my job done; and as much as I don’t want to sit in my office with him, while he leans over me, it has to be done.

I nod and lead the way. I count the steps to my office and then to my desk; twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two. He pulls out my chair. I make the mistake of looking at him as I sit down. He looks happy to be in here and I know this by the slight turn of his lip. He beat me into my office and I don’t know how. Was I really walking that slowly?

He pushes my chair in slightly and leans over me. I try not to breathe in his cologne. I don’t want to know what he wears, but he smells good. I lean away, closer to my screen and he leans in too. I wonder if he knows what he’s doing to me. Doesn’t he know I’m trying to avoid him? That we can never be anything?

Harrison tells me what site to bring up and I do. Except my fingers aren’t working and I have to type the web address repeatedly. He moves his fingers over mine, I pull them back instantly, afraid for him touch me. My hands rest in my lap.

“Sorry, I was just trying to help.”

I nod and realize how stupid I’m being. We can be friends, right?

He brings up the website and walks me through how to order a custom charter. He says that they’ve used this company before and to call and ask for Larry, he’ll make sure we get what we need and in time. I write down what he tells me and he laughs. I turn slightly, but think twice and focus on my paper.

“I think I can take it from here.”


The sound of his voice, the way he says my name, low and sweet with just enough mystery, makes me look up at him causing me to mentally kick myself.


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